TSB CH 38 News

Okay, I’m on a roll and I thought you guys would want to know… Chapter 38 is almost finished. I need to add two more scenes and then it’s going to my wonda-ful beta! I’ve decided to take a huge chunk out of ch 38 and move it to ch 39, so hopes of 39 coming out soon after is good. Hopefully. Life has been hectic with my nephew and work and my crazy family.

But hey! My mojo is back! I can’t tell you how exciting that feeling is. The one where you dont just sit there and stare at a blank screen! Shit actually comes out from my fingers to the keyboard!

Until then, check out swansbookstore.blogspot.com while you wait!





I literally spent 3 hours writing a blog to tell you all why I have been unable to update. I even wrote about all the crazy things that have been going on but…. the internet ate my post. It’s gone. I want to cry. Goodnight. GRRRRRR!!!